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Cute babies playing with dogs and this dogs meeting babies for the first time. Also babies love playing with dogs. In this compilation you can watch how Baby and St.Bernard Dog meet together, how Baby [More]
If you are a puppy owner, you know how cute puppies are. These cute puppies doing funny things will make you want to cuddle one. Hope you like this cute dog videos.
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Funny cats meeting puppies can be so cute. Check out these cats meeting puppies. When a cat meets a puppy for the first time she/he looks so curious and funny
Some answers to common questions I’ve seen. Callie(the puppy) is a mutt that was tied to our fence in 2012. It is guessed that she is a pitt/catahoula mix. She is the sweetest dog we [More]
For licensing or usage, contact IG: rafael.franciulli The dogs showed here where not injured on any way !!! they play always in water and they know really good this part of the river 😉 [More]