Casper the Guilty Dog

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Casper on, Good Morning America: featuring ‘Denver’ and LeeLoo (ABCNews):
-Casper is a our dog. He is usually a very good dog… Welp, most of the time! However, he occasionally does bad stuff and he knows it. Like chewing the interior of my car, pillows, blankets, shoes, etc. Basically, if he does not get my attention exactly when he wants it… he punishes me… by chewing anything. He’s smart and knows when he has done something wrong. I’ve learned to not leave him in my room while I’m gone, because he WILL destroy my stuff out of spite. I love Casper a lot, he has so much personality. It is hard to stay mad at him. He has almost human-like emotions… he looks me directly in the eyes, often, for a long periods of time. I don’t think he’s trying to challenge me. I honestly think he’s trying to figure out what I’m thinking. His reactions are pretty humorous at times, as you can see in our video. Enjoy!