Look at this naughty hound. He’s after something that’s in the cupboard and is determined that it’s going to his. He’s obviously watched how his owner opens the doors, but he just doesn’t quite grasp [More]
A guilty dog is funny and cute. These funny videos of guilty dogs and puppies are hilarious. So check out this guilty dog compilation. Thanks for watching! Here’s our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MashupZone/ And be sure [More]
kitabimi parcalayan kopeklerimin sucluluk pisikolojisi utanmasi
1. Hair Of The Dog – 0:00 2. Miss Misery – 4:11 3. Guilty – 8:53 4. Changin’ Times – 12:33 5. Beggars Day/Rose In The Heather – 18:35 6. Whisky Drinkin’ Woman – 25:05 [More]
To license this video contact info@lpe360.com Lexi the cute corgi has dug up the grass and is feeling pretty guilty about it all. Song: I’m sorry by: Brenda Lee http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGLR25EJtfE
http://www.cafetime.cz – more funny videos No reason to deny it. Guilty dog show his true face. We love dogs…
You be the judge: Is Shadow the German Shepherd guilty or not? The evidence is a bit overwhelming… Source & embed code: https://rumble.com/v35m90-5300964.html. For licensing, please email licensing@rumble.com.
When this dog owner found one of the insoles of his shoe eaten, he gather up his two dogs and asked which of them did it as they both avoided eye contact looking extremely guilty. [More]
My two boxers acting guilty after chewing the carpet. Then get put in time out…. they stayed in timeout for about 2 minutes! Can’t help it, can’t stay mad at those two cute faces!