When this dog owner found one of the insoles of his shoe eaten, he gather up his two dogs and asked which of them did it as they both avoided eye contact looking extremely guilty. [More]
My two boxers acting guilty after chewing the carpet. Then get put in time out…. they stayed in timeout for about 2 minutes! Can’t help it, can’t stay mad at those two cute faces!
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The very best guilty dog videos of 2016, all in one place! These top 10 guilty dogs are sure to brighten your day! Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time! [More]
What’s cuter than a dog? How about one filled with guilt? This is my top 5 guilty dogs. ( ORIGINAL VIDEOS: 5: http://bit.ly/J1jdta 4: http://bit.ly/TYYWv0 3: http://bit.ly/qUpWgG 2: http://bit.ly/gxhexl 1: http://bit.ly/eb2kc3 )
Shadow the German Shepherd is up to his old tricks again. Look at his face when his owner finds memory foam all over the floor. Unfortunately, Shadow is not very good at hiding his guilt! [More]