Guilty dog caught red-handed, gives priceless reaction

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Look at this naughty hound. He’s after something that’s in the cupboard and is determined that it’s going to his. He’s obviously watched how his owner opens the doors, but he just doesn’t quite grasp how it’s done. If only he had fingers!<br><br>There could be a tasty snack in there, or a favorite toy to play with and he’s not about to give up on it that easily. But watch his reaction when he gets caught out.<br><br>Clearly, this mischievous dog has no idea that his owner is filming the whole scene and when she asks what he’s up to he immediately goes into the classic dog defence of pretending that he can’t hear her, or doesn’t understand what she’s saying.<br><br>If he looks away for long enough she’ll probably realise that he’s a good dog after all and will leave him alone. Won’t she? Or maybe if he stands completely still she won’t be able to see him.<br><br>Watching this clip makes you wonder what dogs really do get up to when they think you’re not looking, apart from showing a level of intelligence and ingenuity that can solve complex problems.

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