Quincy – All Vines Compilation 2017 Updated

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I refuse to share my Halloween candy w/ Patrick Barnes
First live TV interview w/ Patrick Barnes
He’s like a little kid
“Should I bite him or let it slide” w/ Patrick Barnes
Every time
Dogs are scared of monsters too
I’m convinced my dog is part human
When it’s time to go the vet…✌🏻️
When you run out of dog food w/ Patrick Barnes
Gonna be late!!!
Jammin out
Such an odd dog
We hate Mondays Patrick Barnes
We love movies!! YourDeviceYourLife ad Intel, Intel Canada
Bringing out the inner wolf w/ Patrick Barnes
Sorry to break the news
National dog day! 🙌🐶
Ambulance is on the way!! 🚨 w/ Patrick Barnes
“Quincy do you love me” Noooooo
Just like Scooby-Doo
His favorite show 😂
🎶Whip || Nae Nae🎶 w/ Patrick Barnes
Forcing your dog to party with you cause no one else will (w/ Patrick Barnes)
Get this camera out of my face (w/ Patrick Barnes)
That was rude Patrick Barnes
We were just on ridiculousness! Wohooo
Wake up stretches
I don’t play fetch….I take my toy and run
School tomorrow 😭
Favorite word EVER
After every bath he sprints everywhere
Spitting some rap verses
Saturday morning jams w/ Patrick Barnes
Snapchat – peebasaur
Patrick Barnes is home from college!
Road trip gone wrong w/Patrick Barnes
🎶Story of my life🎶 w/Patrick Barnes #TBT
Basically a human
Sassy response
I love singing! 🎶
When will you learn not to touch my bone! Patrick Barnes
I have an Instagram!!! Go follow me @quincyvines
Can I get a Wohoooo! Patrick Barnes
Saturdays Patrick Barnes
I love it. Now stay away
Runnin away from the Paparazzi! 📷
🎶Do you think I’m dumb🎶 Patrick Barnes
No matter where I am in the house Patrick Barnes
Crying makes me sad too
Scaring Patrick Barnes
Why can’t I roll Patrick Barnes
Let’s play!!! w/ Patrick Barnes
Christmas tail #pt2
New toys!! 🎁🎄
When it’s time to open presents 🎁 w/ Patrick Barnes
It’s Christmas tomorrow!!! W/ Patrick Barnes
I want the banana! 🍌
🎶Jingle bells🎶
Patrick Barnes is home for Christmas break! Dad is singing the “I’m coming home” song 😂
It’s my bone
Let’s tussle!!
1, 2, 3
Singing along w/ Patrick Barnes
When your jam comes on w/ Patrick Barnes
Follow me on Instagram!! @quincyvines
Sunday lounging w/ Patrick Barnes #Throwback
Give me a WOHOO!! (IG: quincyvines)
Boss wanted a vicious watch dog #throwback (w/ Patrick Barnes)
Back scratch
It’s not even on!
Cmon lets play! (Instagram: quincyvines)
Harmonizing with Patrick Barnes (Instagram: quincyvines) #Throwback
Trying to match pitch
He goes to this same spot every time we leave the house
Family getting home after they were gone all day!!
Patrick Barnes is weird
Patrick Barnes told me to comb his hair
We love Taco Bell!! W/ Patrick Barnes
Just waiting for my piano lesson
What is this flying thing!!
I wanna go on a walk!
Where the dogs at tho…. w/ Chris Barnes, Patrick Barnes
Singing along to some classical music 🎶
I miss Patrick Barnes 😢
Wake up mom it’s breakfast time!
One of Flo Rida’s dancers #RightRound
Don’t ever kill it… w/ Patrick Barnes #Throwback
Whenever you say the magic word “doggy”
Patrick Barnes has to leave for college today 😭 #staywithme
🎶Dont stop believing🎶 w/ Patrick Barnes #TBT
Family is home!!!
🎶All of Me🎶 w/ Patrick Barnes #ThrowBackThursday
FOLLOW ME on Instagram!! @ quincyvines
Family is leaving for 5 days 😢
Puppy races #iwon
I Hate Baths
My first swim w/ Patrick Barnes!
Crying with Patrick Barnes
Patrick Barnes and I excited about our California vacation next week!!
He’s asking for it…
Everytime I leave Patrick Barnes
Stupid banana!!
Late night talks w/ Patrick Barnes
Family came home after being gone all day!
Happy w/ Patrick Barnes
Hey everyone! W/ Patrick Barnes
Wait for it
We love road trips #part2 w/ Patrick Barnes
Laughing with Patrick Barnes
Just watching TV with mom
What can I say..I can’t resist a bunny chase
Chased by Patrick Barnes
🎶When the saints go marching🎶
Mom is home!
I’m a wolf w/ Patrick Barnes
Hide and seek with Patrick Barnes
Showing some love to Patrick Barnes
Saturday lounging w/ Patrick Barnes
Quincy vs vacuum #whowins
I love when mom gets home
I like to push Patrick’s buttons #waitforit
I’m safe behind the couch w/ Patrick Barnes
Excited it’s Friday!!
🎶You are a cinema🎶 #roadtrip
🎶You’ve got a friend in me🎶 with Patrick
🎶My Heart Will Go On🎶 duet with Patrick. #Singingdog
I got moves
🎶I’m looking right at the other half of me🎶
Harmonizing with Patrick
Loves the belly rubs #quincy
Singing some Taylor Swift! #singingdog
Stealing Patricks ice cream
Saturday Morning with Patrick
Beating up on Patrick Barnes
Howl if you love me #quincy